Banale Digitale – Leben zwischen 1 und 0

in cooperation with Dietmar Reinbacher
The BANALE DIGITALE was the second BANALE we developed in the Architekturzeichensaal 3. The BANALE is an exhibition series, which started in Graz in the 80ies. 2010 we restarted this series. The concept is to give space to persons to exhibit their work. Curating doesn’t exist. It gives especially students an opportunity to show their work beside university, and to get a platform for discussion.
The topic of last BANALE was the increasing digitalization of our world. We had numerous submissions. In the meantime BANALE series has become a very well known exhibition in Graz.
graphic design –

claudiaberta_guggi_banale digitale_01claudiaberta_guggi_banale digitale_02claudiaberta_guggi_banale digitale_03claudiaberta_guggi_banale digitale_04claudiaberta_guggi_banale digitale_05claudiaberta_guggi_ein stueck papier_17