Harbor Area Triest

supervision: TU Graz, Department of Architecture Technology; Prof. Roger Riewe, Emilio Hauer

shown in the exhibition: Piazza dell’architettura; APPC, Trieste, Italy
Topic of the studio was the redesign of the area around an old lighthouse in Trieste, Italy. I rearranged the whole 4,2 square kilometres land mass, and switched the orientation of the peninsula. I separated the whole area in four stripes to create a connection between the sea and the city. The striped area I designed like docs. They resemble the old structures of the “moles”. As connection between the 4 docs and the lighthouse I suggest a bridge which, is an extension of the existing coastline walkway.
There are two layers to open up the area. One is for cars and the upper one is for pedestrians and bicyclists. In the diagrammatic section you can see the vertical structure of the stripes. The area offers space for a sport centre, apartments, offices, restaurants and bars.
concept architecture –

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