Symbiosis – kids x adults

DESIGN PROJECT, Vienna, Austria
supervision: TU Graz, Department of Spacial Design; Mag. Arch. Mag. Art., Univ.-Prof. Irmgard Frank
The issue of this project is the combination of two typologies: kindergarten and offices. The goal was to find a solution for employed people to spend the day with their kids although they are working.
The main idea of the design is a vertical space in which both typologies come together. This vertical playground has access to kindergarten areas and to the offices. The section of the vertical space looks like a snake. The volumes are moved apart from each other so that terraces occur. The kindergarten is directly connected to the outside. The basement is designed as one block, to elevate the green areas to the upper level.


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claudia berta_guggi genger_symbiosis_05claudia berta_guggi genger_symbiosis_06


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